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If you could have, do, become whatever you wanted to - what would that look like? Tell me the story of all that you will be. Tap into the wisdom of your future self. What does he/she look like, feel like, dress like, act like? What job do you have? What car do you drive? What home do you live in? How much is in your bank account? Dream it all in.

What do you want and why? I am going to give you a little hint - well it is actually a really big hint - the why is the key!! Why you want what you want. How do you feel when you imagine this goal or outcome? I really want you to sense where you feel this viscerally - in your body. Do you get chills when you think about what you want? Do you have fear, shame or doubt that comes up? Go deep with this - describe the feeling, where you feel it in your body - etc. And lastly, do you truly believe you can achieve the desired outcome? Truly, truly, truly believe?

Stay connected to yourself during this process. We can and should be in our present moment and allow ourselves to dream and set goals from a place of abundance (read that again). Set goals from a place of abundance.

Often we want things in our lives because of something we lack. If we don't feel happy, perhaps we should strive to get something to make ourselves happy. I am pretty sure that I have made some purchases for myself thinking - "THIS will make me happy." SPOILER ALERT - the only thing/person that can make you happy is YOU!!! Nothing you buy or obtain will make you happy. It's an inside job!

All of our feelings, including happiness, come from our minds and from our thoughts. We are not going to find a form of happiness in our futures that we don't already have now. Achieving something or gaining a future goal will not increase our capacity for happiness.

The point of having goals is not to be happier than we are today. We set goals because our purpose on this planet is to evolve into the best version of ourselves we can. We should constantly be asking ourselves to bloom in a bigger way and goals are the best way to do that.

There is so much wisdom inside of yourself. By doing this big dreaming you will be able to meet your mind from a place of knowing. This is so powerful.

Let's make a difference in our own lives as we embark on our 2020 adventure!

I teach a very specific process for setting and achieving goals. Let me know if your interested by sending me an email at

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